Frequently Asked Questions.

Why am I not receiving signals from Trading View?

This generally happens when the signal has been incorrectly set up on Trading View. In order for a signal to be received and processed, it needs to be sent in valid JSON and to the right webhook URL. Please ensure the webhook URL is the one shown on our Signal Wizard page. Some common issues with Trading View are

  • Incorrectly formatted JSON. You can use JSONLint to verify whether your alert payload is correct. Note that a trailing space or adding a new line will result in an error. Please ensure there is not a space or new line after the last character of your payload on Trading View.

  • Your strategy is not sending the correct payload. When this happens, Trading View logs show no content in the payload. In order to ensure an alert has been sent with the correct payload, you will need to see the alert payload (`{"cmd": "OPEN"...`) in your logs.

  • You sent an incorrect UUID. This code is shown on the Signal Wizard page for the Open signal. It is a 14 characters alphanumerical code. When you send an incorrect UUID, you will not see the signal logged in our website.

All received signals will be shown in our Logs page. When a signal does not show up in Logs, it means that it was not received by our platform and therefore there must be an issue in the way your strategy was set up.

How do I send signals from my own server?

For security reasons, we limit the source of signals to Trading View. You can request a static IP to be whitelisted by reaching out to the support team in Discord. Please note that we do not guarantee an IP will be whitelisted and we reserve the right to remove an address without notice were we to get an excessive number of signals or to find malicious content in your signals.

Does Wick Hunter support testnet?

We chose not to support testnet (paper trading) because of insufficient liquidity on testnet environments. We strongly suggest to backtest strategies and, most importantly, starting small and growing over time. Positive results on testnet does not mean positive results in real life.

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