FAQ - Signal Not Executed

Most common reasons for which a signal might not be executed.

There are various reasons for which a signal might not be executed. You will find the reason a signal was skipped in the Logs page.

All of these error messages are shown when a signal is received but not executed. Sometimes, when the user incorrectly sets up a signal on Trading View, Wick Hunter does not receive the signal at all. This is due to various reasons explained in the FAQ section of the docs.

Entry manager is disabled.

You can switch on and off Entry Manager (also referred to as Signals Manager) in the View Bots page. When Entry Manager is disabled, no signal will be executed. It will be automatically disabled for accounts which are not under referral when an active subscription expires. When this happens, the user will need to manually switch it back on.

{PAIR} {SIDE} bot is either OFF or not created.

Signal was ignored as there is not an active bot for the pair and side received. For example, when a BTCUSDT BUY signal is received but there are no bots created or all of them are disabled, you will be shown this error message.

Insufficient balance for order cost.

You tried to create an order which is too large. You have not enough balance to cover for the order cost. Please note that, because of slippage and fees, using 100% of entry size is not guaranteed to work with MARKET orders. The exchange might reject an order when its size plus fees exceed your balance. Note that when using PERCENT size type, size is expressed as a percentage of total balance, not available. Meaning that orders might rejected when there are open orders or positions, even when the size is lower than 100%.

Open size is too small for exchange rules.

Each exchange and pair has its own rules for minimum order size. You cannot send an order whose size is below the minimum. For example, BTCUSDT on ByBit USDT Perpetuals has a minimum size of 0.001, which accounts for roughly $24.5 at current rate. Sending an order whose size is smaller than this number will result in an error. Please note that some exchanges, such as Binance, have a minimum notional size as well. It means that there's a minimum of dollars an order needs to be worth in order to be executed.

Maximum positions reached.

You can choose the maximum number of positions that can be open at the same time on an account in the View Bots page. When the limit is reached, new signals will be ignored.

Position is already open.

Wick Hunter ignores signals when the position is already open. For example, when BTCUSDT on the LONG side is open, incoming LONG signals for BTCUSDT will be ignored. You can use DCA signals (see Signal Wizard) to increase the size of an open position without incurring in this error.

Existing pending open order for the same pair and side.

Signal was ignored because there is another open order for the same pair and side which is waiting to be filled. Following the same approach as the previous error, Wick Hunter will ignore incoming signals when an open order is already placed on the exchange.

Cooldown timeout not expired.

You can set a cooldown timer for your signals, as explained in the View Bots section of the docs. Cooldown prevents multiple signals from being fired in a short period of time. You get the cooldown timer error when the signal was not executed because another signal has been recently fired and the timeout is not expired yet. You can adjust the timer in the View Bots page, where 0 indicates there should not be any cooldown at all.

Isolation mode is active.

You can choose not to expose your account to excessive use of margin. This is an account level settings that can be set in the View Bots page. When the isolation mode error is thrown, the signal was ignored because used margin is already greater than the maximum chosen. Please note that DCAs do not count towards isolation mode.

Advanced Mode enabled but missing risk profile.

You have enabled Advanced Mode but have not sent risk profile along with the signal. Normally, Wick Hunter requires users to only have one bot enabled for the same pair and side, so that it can find the bot configuration to use for a signal. With Advanced Mode, users get more flexibility with the ability to enable multiple bots for the same pair and side, but they need to send the risk profile in the signal payload to indicate Wick Hunter which configuration should be used. When this error message is shown, Advanced Mode is enabled (meaning there is more than one bot for the pair and side received), but you forgot to send the risk profile in the signal, therefore we do not know which bot should be used.

Failed to open position due to exchange error.

This error can be thrown in several cases, such as

  • The exchange returned one of the above errors that we were not expecting. In most cases, this message simply means we received a new, unknown error messages and therefore were not able to translate it to an easy to understand error message. Before opening a ticket, we strongly suggest to go through the list of possible issues above to ensure you are not experiencing any of those.

  • The API key is not invalid or expired

  • The API key has incorrect permissions which prevented Wick Hunter from sending orders

  • The exchange returned an unexpected error

Wick Hunter has built-in system to minimize the impact of exchange side issues, however it is still possible that sometimes a request fails due to high load on their systems or other errors.


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