Here you can manage your notifications. The notifications need to be set for each account individually.

Notifications can be sent either to Discord or Telegram.

Creating a Discord webhook: More information on how to create a Discord webhook can be found here:

Creating a Telegram Webhook: send "/newbot" to @BotFather and follow the instructions. The token provided by @BotFather in the final step will be needed for configuring your notification.

Next, you need to obtain chat ID of the user the bot should send messages to.

Send "/getid" to "@myidbot" in Telegram messenger.

Click on Accounts and choose the account for which you want to manage the notifications.

Connect Notifier: choose Discord or Telegram. For Discord, paste the webhook-url in the box next to it and press Save. For Telegram, paste the TOKEN and the CHATID and press save. Below this are all the options for which items you want to receive notifications. Those are all enabled by default and can be turned off if needed.

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