Dynamic configurations

based on TradingView signals

It is possible to send a full configuration via TradingView for your trade. This will allows users that have advanced indicators to use dynamic values for items such as TP and SL.

Case: Normally you could not set the price of your Take Profit or Stop Loss based on the value your indicator was telling you to do. However, now you have the ability to send your full configuration and use dynamic values.

Example of how to implement:

Step 1: Get the basic format from the Create Bots page. Note, you need to select only one pair and only one side for it to export! You can't select BOTH.

In this example, I am entering with a $100 position on BTCUSDT, have 20x cross leverage, and a take profit value of $21,000. If the variable is going to be dynamic then just put a placeholder so you can export and later adjust.

Step 2: Export the configuration json payload.

Step 3: Edit Any Variables

In this example, I have chosen to use {{plot 4}} as my value for take profit. In this scenario, Wick Hunter will open a position for $100, 20x cross leverage, and use the value from plot 4 to place a Take Profit at that value.

Note: You need to send the full configuration, do not delete parts of it! The bot will use a full configuration over a saved configuration. This will allow users to use their indicators to have dynamic values for any variable in their configuration.

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