Take Profit (TP)

How to configure Take Profit (TP) with Wick Hunter.

You can select multiple Take profit (TP) settings.

Single Take Profit – Will let you be able to set one corresponding TP per deal. You can either exit this with PostOnly (guaranteed maker fee) or Limit orders. This TP is set on the exchange when a deal is opened.

Multiple Take Profit - You are able to set multiple take profits. Especially useful when using laddered SL. for example. Per step you can set the desired closing % (in terms of closure of the deal) and at which profit% this should occur. For example you are able to close 50% of the deal at a 1% profit , after that 25% at 2% and the remaining 25% at 3%.

Trailing - You can select the activation percentage. If set to to 1% the trailing will start at 1% TP from average entry price. If the trailing is set to 0.1% it will move the TP up as long as it doesn’t drop more then 0,1%. If it drops for 0,1% it will close the deal with a market order.

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