Create a Trading Bot

How to create a Trading Bot with Wick Hunter.

First, click on Trading Bots on the left side to expand the menu and next click on Create Bot. We must first start with defining the basics of your trading bot. Account: Select the account you want to trade on. Accounts can be added on the "Exchange" page. Side: Select the side you want the bot to open trades. Note, you can create the same configuration for longs and shorts at the same time. The trade direction opened will be based on your signal/webhook. When the exchange is running in β€œhedge” mode the bot will be able to open long and short positions when β€œboth” is selected. Symbol: Select the pair(s) you want to trade. You can only have 1 bot per account per symbol. For example: You can’t run BTC on a Signal bot and on a Liquidation bot at the same time on the same account. Risk profile: This is a user defined label that allows you to toggle between multiple configurations (risk profiles) on the same pair(s) for the same account. Risk profiles are set on the Create Bot page and the webhooks can be found on the Signal Wizard page. Webhooks can be sent to switch risk profiles based on the current market or how you want to trade at that time.

The Create Bot screen is divided into multiple sections to ensure users can find and change configurations quickly. The sections are as follows and will be discussed next: Entry Type, Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL). There is also a DCA Simulation provided for visualizations.

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